Caribou Charters

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The following comments and video clips are courtesy of Scott and Kathy Warner; who have used my services for trips to the Slates and the north shore on several occassions....

The local caribou population will provide many opportunities to exercise that video camera so be sure to have it handy at all times.

Be sure to bring a monopod or a tripod to steady your camera for those longer shots or for longer scenes that are sure to occur.

Remember that you are dealing with wild animals when you are in the vicinity of a caribou. Always let them approach you and not vice-versa. Keep something (a tree preferably) between you until you are sure that they are not agressive. Always provide them room to leave ... with any animal they don't like it when they have no escape route. Watch for changes in behavior. These are powerful animals as witnessed by the table Kathy is sitting on ... Dave flipped it over one day while practicing his moves ... this is an eight foot table.

In 2007 Buddy and Dave had shoving match on a beach about 150 yards from us. You can compare their sizes in 2007 with 2008 which you'll see in the upcoming clips. This is done with a handheld camera and has that Blair Witch Effect ... To see a video of that first encounter ... Buddy-Dave-2007Videos to Embed by v1.10

This prompted us to use tripods whenever possible in 2008 and you'll see the differences.

Shortly after we arrived in 2008 Dave and Buddy began to visit. Then one day as Buddy was visiting the following squabble occurred. Be sure to turn your sound up and please insure that there are no bull caribou nearby .... then Caribou Fight 1Videos to Embed by v1.10

Later in our stay they decided that a rematch was in order. Caribou-Fight2Videos to Embed by v1.10 This happened right in our campsite but the outcome was the same ... Buddy called it off ... After this Dave was the King of the Hill and Buddy would defer when they were in proximity.

Here's the bull caribou that I waited for three days to get a shot of - and then he appeared where I didn't expect him so I quickly had to reposition the tripod and begin shooting. When he exits the water and goes up into the bush he's only about 50 feet from me. Bull-CaribouVideos to Embed by v1.10