Caribou Charters

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Kathy and Scott Warner have provided the narrative and pictures for this section.

Be sure to bring lots of film or some extra memory cards with you when you come.

The photographic and video opportunities are endless.

It's been our good fortune to be able to spend the fall of 2007 through 2010 on the Slates. We arrive on about September 6 and stay until September 21. This coincides with the period leading up to and beginning the mating season for caribou on the island and shows the animals in their best condition ... they've gained weight during the spring and summer ... the bulls have shed the velvet from their antlers and are beginning to get the testosterone rush of the approach of mating season.

If you want to try an excursion like this we suggest that you use a wall tent and a wood stove or some form of heater. The weather is unpredictable at this time of the year ... we've had temperatures from above 70 to below freezing ... so we appreciate being able to get warm and to dry our gear in our 10 x 12 tent.

During our visits we were visited on a regular basis by two bull caribou ... we named them Buddy and Dave. It took us some time to recognize them in 2008 because they grew so much but in the end we recognized their mannerisms around us.

A couple of interesting side trips while you're in the area are to the ghost town of Jackfish and the Last Spike Monument. Both are within 20km of Terrace Bay and are a nice excursion on a layover day ... ask Doug for directions.

Here are some galleries of pictures that might be of interest.