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My health is not up to par right now so I'm suspending the operation of Caribou Charters for the forseeable future.

I've arranged for Bluebird Charters to cover for me while I recover ... Please call them at.

Phone: (807) 824 - 3353

Well, you know, we do have internet service here in Terrace Bay. However, my typing skills are next to nil and I find that I just don't have the time or patience to learn how to "surf the web" and to adaquately retrieve and answer emails.

My wife does that stuff but I'd rather spend my time on the lake or working on the Bullfrog ... and you know there's a lot of time involved in running a charter business and staying qualified with the Coast Guard for my search and rescue duties. So ... the long and short of it is that I'd rather you called.

Our phone service here in northern Ontario is pretty good. We haven't advanced to the stage where we need 10 digit dialing but we do have those new touch-tone phones ... and yes, we even have a fax machine.

As I said earlier, do some research ... that surfing stuff ... and when you are ready for the experience of a lifetime give us a call.

Whether you are a kayaker, a canoer or a camper looking for a memorable vacation; we can assist you.

Bring the kids too ... and your cameras ... as well as your old geology texts. The place is a treasure trove of geologic finds.

The kids will have a wonderful time and will get a huge portfolio to use in their "What I did last summer" presentation.

When you are ready ..... Call Bluebird Charters at (807) 824-3353

We even have one of those fancy answering devices if we're not at home.