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About Us

One of my earliest memories of the Slate Islands involves a stay at the lightkeepers house when I was four years old. My great uncle was the lighthouse keeper at the time.

I grew up in the Terrace Bay area and worked in the mill there for 47 years. This gave me ample opportunities to explore the Slate Islands and the north shore of Lake Superior from Nipigon to Marathon.

Over the years I began to supplement my income by transporting kayakers and canoers to the Slates and along the north shore. Now that I've retired from the mill I've devoted my time to helping others to appreciate what the north shore has to offer.

My years on the lake have givin me a great appreciation for what it can give ... as well as a taste of its many moods. That experience has led to my being selected as the Coast Guard Search and Rescue person for the north shore area. Thankfully I only get a few calls every year when someone is overdue or experiences a breakdown.

If you are thinking about a trip to the Slates to kayak, canoe and to visit the local caribou for the photographic opportunities of a lifetime give us a call.

Please remember that the lake can be very unforgiving, so the best laid plans can get delayed due to weather. A trip to the Slates takes about an hour in good weather and the Bullfrog (my trusty vessel) can accomodate four people with their boats and gear ... as long as each of you isn't bringing a 17 foot canoe.

So ... kick back ... do a little research ... take a look at the pictures and video enclosed here ... and give us a call when you are ready to plan the trip of a lifetime.